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This song was written for a friend who has been struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. It's also a tribute to Mohandas Gandhi, whose focus on working with one's own mind and heart as an experiment towards finding true inner peace, has inspired me deeply. His faith in what can be felt but not seen is heard in the audio excerpts from a 1931 recording of Gandhi reading from his article "On God" (see quotes below).

Thanks to all those who listened and offered feedback as the song gradually took shape!

Excerpts from Gandhi's "Spiritual Message (On God)":

"There is an indefinable, mysterious power that pervades everything. I feel it, though I do not see it."

"I do dimly perceive that whilst everything around me is ever-changing, ever-dying, there is, underlying all that change, a living power that is changeless, that holds all together."

Courtesy: GandhiServe -

Music composed by JP.


from Straight from the Heart, Vol. 2, released July 10, 2014




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