One With You (live) - Kirsten Buxton

from by Living Miracles Studio



Kirsten shares this sweet song of hers at a retreat in Chapala, Mexico.



One with You

The peace of God is my only goal, 1 and 6
I like to believe and so I've been told
I open my heart to You
ask You to show me cause I don't have a clue
I don't have a clue

I got lost, I don't know when 2
Pulled away from your peace again
I open up my mind to You
ask You to show me that I'm home with you
home with you

hear a voice deep inside 3 and 7
I'm here my child, by your side
I'm aways here, in the quiet
come home to me rest awhile
rest a while

here I am again on my knees 4
Praying God, help me please
all i want is to feel your love
in your arms where i belong
where i belong…

There's nowhere else i wanna be 5 and 8
There's no-one else, now i can see
I got lost again forgetting you,
let it go to-come home to you…
home to you

F – chord then drop down 2 frets to G (same positions)
I don't have a clue... not pretending to...
Thought I knew... but I.......
Just wanna be one with you


from Straight from the Heart, Vol. 1, released January 18, 2014
Written by Kirsten Buxton




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