The Silent Song (live) - Erik Archbold

from by Living Miracles Studio



Recorded live for a small gathering in Chicago at our friend Arturo's place, Spirit Dreamer Studio, in Chicago IL, May 8th, 2015



1st Verse:
Can you hear... the Song... playing silently everywhere.
It's hard to hear... if you're listening only with your ears.

And can you see... the Light... shining endlessly through your mind.
It's hard to find... if you're looking only with your eyes.

And can you smile... the Smile... that lightens up the world for a while.
But don't try... it will come naturally when you're Inspired by the Love inside.

2nd Verse:
Can you see... that we're imprisoned only by our beliefs.
And we're free... anytime that we choose to be.

If you take my hand... we'll rise together from this foreign land.
And see... that we never need to think nor plan.
We must only decide... we'll be happy once we've made up our mind.

Walking faster only slows you down.
Just be patient, keep your feet on the ground.

3rd Verse:
Can you feel the Love? It's all around to help you rise above...
All the pain and fear you've been dreaming of.
It's alright to just let go and simply fall in Love.

4th Verse:
Can you hear... the Song... playing silently everywhere.
It's right here... singing softly that there's nothing to fear.


from Straight from the Heart, Vol. 1, released January 18, 2014




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