Trusting You (studio version) - Armelle Six & Erik Archbold

from by Living Miracles Studio




1st Verse:
My memories have fooled me. I thought I was this body.
I thought I was this personality. I thought I was so angry.
Fear, pain, and jealousy. Everywhere I was seeing enemies.
Attack and defense were my saviors. Living like a lonely sailor. But...

Trusting You... is everything.
Trust in You... is all I need.
I don't have to know neither when nor how.
I can just relax, step back, and watch it all unfold.

2nd Verse:
One day I felt you move me... in a new direction of the journey.
Instead of looking outside, I started turning inside.
So afraid of what I would find... I tried resisting, oh, I tried.
But I kept on feeling all the pain... thinking it brought me some kind of gain.
But now I know that...

...just watch it all unfold.

I wanted so much to exist apart from You.
I wanted so much my independence instead of the Truth.
I thought it was all there is... I really thought I could work it out.
I had been so proud. I had been so proud.
And I tried so hard to be perfect.

3rd Verse:
But gently You showed me the way.
So patiently when I was afraid.
You've always been here by my side.
Telling me to relax and enjoy the ride! And now I know that...

...Just watch it all unfold.

I so deeply believed I was this body.
I really thought I knew what's best for me.
I didn't want to let You Guide me.
I wanted to be in control and choose for myself.
But now I know that trusting You... is everything.


from Straight from the Heart, Vol. 2, released July 10, 2014
Lyrics written by Armelle, composition by Erik.
Vocals: Erik and Armelle
Guitar, bass, and drum programming: Erik




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